Customer Experience: Simplicity, Availability, and Education

At Freely, we do a lot of thinking around our customers. By thinking, I suppose I mean asking questions. We ask, “What is important for people to know before buying a scooter? Why would someone choose Freely over another brand?”

These kinds of questions and eventual thinking lead us down some complicated paths; but, similar to the design of our Freely Pro scooter..

Simplicity is the answer to complexity.

So, what does simple mean to us? First it means being available. When visitors come to our website, we want to answer their questions. When customers come back and have technical related questions, we want to be there. To that end, we promote our contact information in abundance and have layered in chat technology in a partnership with Tidio. We are available 7 days a week.

It also means educating. E-scooters are all the hype. That means businesses are cropping up across the globe creating an information overload. Freely has done some design thinking around its homepage and sticks to our core value of educating our prospects and customers. We are committed to eloquently communicating important scooter specifications but careful not to overwhelmed our web visitors. To the point above, we are keen on being available for questions.

Lastly, Freely wants you to be part of the family. The Freely family! Ok, I will digress. It’s not that serious but really, we want our customers to interact. We want to see your photos and videos. We want to hear your stories on how your e-scooter has change the way you move. The Freely team likes to engage our current customers on their social media platforms and via email to stay in touch will importantly, continuing to provide value — whether it’s tips on how to take care of your scooter or what Freely is offering next in the line up.

Freely features a uniquely portable e-scooter boasting a swappable battery, cruise control, 10 inch tires, and aviation grade aluminum alloy frame — all at a highly competitive price of $399. Oh, and the price includes shipping anywhere in the United States.

You can learn more about Freely, it’s products, and vision at

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